Horse Internship

A super unique internship here at Machon Maayan is the horse internship. At this internship, girls are able to learn about horses, as well as take care of them, and sometimes even get to ride! Girls brush the horses, get them ready for lessons, as well as work around the barn.

When asked why she wanted to do the horse internship, Yael Daniel (Mexico City, Mexico) explained, “I wanted to be in touch with animals and do something I wouldn’t be able to do in Mexico. I also wanted to try something new!” Hannah Kaplun (Ridgewood, NJ) said, “I ride and work with horses at home, so I jumped at the opportunity of being able to do that here in Israel!”

What’s super unique about this barn is that it’s on the campus of a boarding school. Students at the boarding school work at the barn. This allows Machon Maayan students to work alongside Israelis, taking care of horses and learning some Hebrew, too!

What are their favorite parts of this internship? Tzippy Karr (Denver, CO) said, “Getting to work with everyone and have fun while volunteering!” Sarah Lewyn (Atlanta, GA) exclaimed, “Being with the horses!”


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