Humans of Machon Maayan: Brielle Kaplan

Brielle Kaplan

Frederick, Maryland

Urbana High School

Student at Machon Maayan 2015-17

Madricha at Machon Maayan 2018-2019


How did you end up at Machon Maayan?

I found out about Machon Maayan through a good friend of mine who went the year before I did. I knew that I wanted a place with diversity, somewhere that a girl of my background (little to none in the Judaism department) could thrive along with girls who grew up with Judaism their whole lives. My friend is from a religious background but chose the school for the same reason. That really stood out to me—so much that Machon Maayan was the only seminary that I applied to. I love the school so much that I ended up staying Shana Bet!



What’s your job at Machon Maayan?

I am a madricha, which basically means I get to make friends for a living 🙂



What’s something super unique about you?

Hmm. I sang in a chamber choir once upon a time, I guess that’s unique!


What’s one thing that you learned this week?

Hashem created the Torah, a guide to life that is perfect in nature, before he created the world, including people to follow the Torah. As Imperfect beings in a confusing world, we need the Torah to guide us in our quest to perfect ourselves and everything around us. We learn from this that if an imperfection exists in the world, a solution was created before it, which should give us chizuk for any issue we may be facing.


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