Humans of Machon Maayan: Ahuva Oppen

Ahuva Oppen, Lakewood, New Jersey

Meira Academy

Machon Maayan 2017-2019


Why did you choose to attend Machon Maayan? Why did you decide to stay Shana Bet?

Initially, I didn’t want to go to seminary at all—I thought it was a waste of a year. But then I went on NCSY GIVE and had an amazing time learning and being in Israel. I spoke to a few of my NCSY advisors about it and we figured out that Machon Maayan was a seminary most similar to GIVE in terms of learning, chesed, and tiyulim, so I just went for it. I loved it from the moment I got here. While I was learning a lot, I still felt like just one year wasn’t enough for me to get all I could be getting, so I decided to stay Shana Bet.


What is your favorite Israeli slang word or phrase?

My favorite Israeli word is “sababa” because it’s a fun word to say.


What’s your favorite class at Machon Maayan?

My favorite class is Interpersonal Relationships. I learned so much from that class and I can clearly see how I took what that class taught me and applied it to my daily life.


Name three things in your current life that bring you great joy.

  1. The Shana Bet girls are all so amazing and we get along so well. We’re all so different and I think that’s what makes us so great.
  2. Food from Crave, a restaurant in Jerusalem, brings me unimaginable joy.
  3. I love learning at Machon Maayan.

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