Humans of Machon Maayan: Sarah Belfer

Sarah Belfer

Boynton Beach, Florida

Park Vista Community High School

Machon Maayan 2013-2015


Why did you choose to attend Machon Maayan?

I knew I wanted to move to Israel, but I wanted to do some sort of learning before–a gap year. My NCSY advisors told me about it and I thought, “Great! Torah, tiyulim, etc.” That’s why I decided to come!


Where are you now?

Now I live in Karnei Shamron, Israel. I am married with a baby.


Where is the coolest place that you went to for Shabbat as a student?

The coolest place that I went to Shabbat was Mitzepe Netofa. It’s a stunning yeshuv with breathtaking views. It’s very relaxed and you can really feel the life in Israel there.


What was your favorite tiyul/seminar?

My favorite tiyul was the Negev Tiyul—camping in the Machete Ramon and biking. I also loved going to Aish. I really loved anywhere we went where Tanach came alive.

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