Humans of Machon Maayan: Mrs. Pesha Fischer

Mrs. Pesha Fischer

Modiin, Israel

Educator at Machon Maayan since 2006


How did you end up at Machon Maayan?

When we were still living in America and planning on coming back to Israel, Rav K called and offered me a job. I have been at Machon Maayan since it’s first year.


What do you teach?

I teach different things every year. This semester, I taught Torah and Science, Women in the Bible, Jewish women in the Modern World, Eliyahu Narratives, and Sefer Iyov. New classes that I’m teaching next semester are Tanach Survey and Biblical Exegesis.


Who is your favorite character in Tanach? Why?

My favorite character in Tanach is Serach bat Asher. She appears only as a name in Tanach, but is developed into an oracle-like character in the midrash.


Where is the coolest place that you’ve ever been?

The coolest place that I’ve ever been to is definitely Prague. I love the old world feel.


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