Humans of Machon Maayan: Tamari Margaliot

Tamari Margaliot

Modiin, Israel

Madricha at Machon Maayan 2018-2019


How did you end up at Machon Maayan?

I don’t really speak any English at home, so I never thought about being a madricha at an American program. I am currently at Machon Maayan for my Sheurut Leumi, or Israeli national service. I spent my first year of Sheurut Leumi at a psychiatric hospital, and was planning on staying there for a second year, but I decided last-minute that I wanted something different. I went on a website that gives different options of places that one can spend their Sheurut Leumi at, and I found Machon Maayan. I didn’t know what it was, so I researched it and talked to someone who was a madricha last year. It seemed really cool and special, so I went for it. I visited the campus and Yonit, who is an Eim Bayit, interviewed me. I realized that Machon Maayan is really amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I talked to Shani, the other Eim Bayit, and decided that my English is okay. Afterwards, I called Avigayil, one of the other madrichot who I was in midrasha (seminar) with, and it turned out that she was planning on coming too and wanted a friend to come with her! And here I am!


What do you teach/what’s your job at Machon Maayan?

I am a madricha, which is sort of a dorm counselor. I help coordinate on-campus activities and help run dorm life.


What’s your favorite family tradition?

This isn’t really a tradition, but  my favorite thing about my family is that we love to sing. Whether it’s Shabbat, a chag, or any time when my family is all together. On Fridays when we cook for Shabbat, my family is always singing. We sing zmirot about Shabbat, chagim, and Rosh Chodesh–we really love singing. We have our special songs and tunes that we love that are connected to my grandfather who passed away who was really musical. Music is so strong in my family and it connects me so much to Hashem because it goes straight through my neshama and I just love it so much.


Where is your favorite place in Israel?

I don’t really have a favorite place–I really do love every place in Israel, but one of the places that I like the most is Mount Arbel, which is up north. It’s amazing–I love it because everything is just beautiful. You can see the Kinneret and it has an amazing amazing view–even if you’re just looking at the mountain or if you’re on the mountain looking at the view–and also the mountain itself is a cliff and it’s so beautiful. The Arbel valley is connected to the geula (redemption) in the following midrash: Two rabbis are walking through the valley, looking at the sunset, and saying that the geula is coming. I feel that Mount Arbel is amazing and I love it so much, although I love every place in Israel.


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