Introducing… Night Seder!

After many requests, here it is: drumroll please…

Night Seder!

Now you may be thinking, Isn’t the seder always at night?

Yes, it is. Night Seder in this context means night classes. This introduction to night seder includes three slots during the week when students can have optional chavrutot with friends.

Here are merely a few of the topics that our Machomies our learning together:

Claire and Sarit: the 613 mitzvot

Hannah Kaplun and Cami: “Double Take” by Rav Jesse Horn

Estee Sigal, Becca Ordan, and Emily Benchmuel: Sefer Hachinuch

Yvette Teitelbaum and Vered Kaplan: Choshen and Women in the Bible

Orly Krupp and Tzippy Karr: “A Letter in the scroll” by Rabbi Jonathan Saks



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