Art Chug

Why did you decide to do this internship?

I chose to do this because I have always loved art my whole life and it gives me a chance to get to do it and to do it with kids. Art is a great way for kids to bring out their creativity and I am very glad I get to help them do this. — Ari Sternberg, OH

I decided to do the internship because back at home I taught an art class and I loved it so I wanted to bring that here and give girls on campus a chance to express their artistic side — Lili Brainson


Do you have any stories?

So every single time we have our class the girls always ask me to draw a unicorn for each of them. I got tired of drawing it for them all of the time so we had one session dedicated to teaching them how to draw a unicorn. — Ari Sternberg

What is one thing that you have learned?

Along with how much I’ve learned about teaching art, I’ve also learned a lot of funny Hebrew words for things like unicorns and markers (which are tushim btw. Always makes me laugh) — Lili Brainson

One thing I learned is that patience is really important with teaching kids art and also kids have a different way of drawing their own thing. It’s really amazing to see what each kid comes up with. — Ari Sternberg


How has it been running a chug for girls who only speak hebrew?

In the beginning it was a little difficult but the girls are really patient and thankfully we’ve all learned a little bit more Hebrew. Also art, thank G-d, is a very easy medium to express oneself without words so we can demonstrate how to draw something without having to know everything in Hebrew. — Lili Bainson

At first it was really difficult and I was really scared that I was gonna say the wrong thing to them but the kids also help me explain what I am trying to say and they have taught ne a lot of new words I didn’t know! — Ari Sternberg


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