Senior Center

What do you do at your internship?
I sing to the elderly at the local old age in Kibbutz Yavne. We sing a mix of your typical kumzitz songs (Like Tov Lehodot or Kol Haolam Kulo) along with a bunch of Israeli classics (Halleluyah, Yachad Lev El Lev.) -Yvette Teitelbaum

Do you have any stories?

Whenever the residents start to sing a long that’s always really powerful, to me at least. It shows we’re affecting them. It’s a nice feeling to see them sing along.

We asked one woman how here week was. She said “same as every week. You guys come, you leave, and then I wait for you to come again. -Alexis Gross


What have you learned?

Little things can make a big impact, adn make a big difference. Singing is a big part of my life and something I like to do in my free time, but knowing that singing has such a big impact on these people are so important. Even just smiling and say hi have a good day make such a big difference. -Alexis Gross

What is your favorite part?

Seeing their reactions and knowing that we make them happy. I always love singing Hatikvah with them at the end because it’s just so sweet. A lot, if not all, are holocaust survivors and so knowing what they went through to get here is inspiring. They were the founders of Kibbutz Yavne -Alexis Gross

Seeing the joy on their faces when we come to sing to them, and feeling connected to my nation. -Yvette Teitelbaum

What have you learned?
What may seem small in my eyes may make someone’s whole week. At the beginning, going to the old age home seemed like a bother. However, once we saw the effect it had on the people we sang to, it became something special and something that we would always look forward to. -Alexis Gross


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