Machon Maayan Talent Showcase

Here at Machon Maayan, students have the opportunity to be a part of the music, art, and/or photography tracks.

In the music tracks, there are two classes offered: music theory and singing/songwriting. In singing/songwriting, students write songs, focusing on lyrics and learn about different chord progressions and other ways to make their music more interesting. Every girl has written multiple original pieces which they have gotten the chance to perform through the course of this year!

“I learned that music isn’t always about technique and what people will think of your music. What’s most important is being authentic and using music to share and express the message you want to impart to others. It’s not just about me and my songs- it serves a higher purpose.” –Orly Krupp


In art, students learn about a torah concept, and take that inspiration to create an art piece. The class focused on topics such as creation and tehillim. Students were able to explore different medias and received guidance from our awesome art teachers.

“It was amazing to learn how to translate torah ideas into art pieces” –Miriam Giller

“I think it was a really awesome experience and really helped me not just in art but also helped me connect my Judaism to my love for painting.” — Lili Brainson


In photography, students were able to learn different techniques and really used the land of Israel as their inspiration. Some students decided to focus on landscape, while others used girls at Machon Maayan in their photographs.

“I learned that there’s beauty eveywhere” –Estee Sigal


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