Tamir Goodman at Machon Maayan!

Machon Maayan had the pleasure of hearing Tamir Goodman speak. Tamir spoke to us about his story and how he was able to be a strong, religious Jew while playing Division I college basketball. He taught us many valuable lessons about trusting G-d and seeing Him everywhere, as well as perseverance and to always be a proud Jew.

Student reactions:

“Tamir Goodman taught me that it’s possible to never let go of your passion. If you have to sacrifice something you love for religion, you’re doing something wrong. You’ll always be able to hold on to Judaism.” –Yvette Teitelbaum

“It was really inspiring to hear about how Tamir experienced so much anti semitism yet still persevered and not only had an amazing basketball career, bus also was able to stay religious.”– Hannah Kaplun

“I was really inspired by the fact that Tamir remained true to his identity and his passion, even when people tried bullying him out of it” –Sarah Lewyn

“Tamir Goodman was really interesting to hear from. He really demonstrated perseverance in times of difficulty and the importance of sticking to your values.” –Taryn Simon


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