Art Chug

Why did you decide to do this internship? I chose to do this because I have always loved art my whole life and it gives me a chance to get to do it and to do it with kids. Art is a great way for kids to bring out their creativity and I am very... Continue Reading →

Horse Internship

A super unique internship here at Machon Maayan is the horse internship. At this internship, girls are able to learn about horses, as well as take care of them, and sometimes even get to ride! Girls brush the horses, get them ready for lessons, as well as work around the barn. When asked why she... Continue Reading →

Animal Shelter

This internship is the ultimate Chesed! Many people disregard the fact that undomesticated dogs are less likely to be adopted and may end up in the shelter all their life, or even be put down. However, the SPCA Animal Shelter takes in dogs that are about to be put down or those that are on... Continue Reading →

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