A Yom Hashoa Like No Other

Yesterday was Yom Hashoa--Israel's national Holocaust Remembrance Day. In Judaism, the day begins at night, and in the few hours leading up to the eve of the night marking the beginning of Yom Hashoa, we listened to a Holocaust survivor speak about her story.   Afterwards, we learned about the last words that many Jews... Continue Reading →

Introducing… Night Seder!

After many requests, here it is: drumroll please... Night Seder! Now you may be thinking, Isn't the seder always at night? Yes, it is. Night Seder in this context means night classes. This introduction to night seder includes three slots during the week when students can have optional chavrutot with friends. Here are merely a... Continue Reading →

Songwriting Class Concert

Because we are on Givat Washington, girls have the amazing opportunity to attend Mizmor, a music school on campus. One of the classes offered is singing/songwriting. This past Monday, the girls in the class performed for the school! It was amazing concert and we are so proud of these girls. Kol HaKavod to Orly Krupp,... Continue Reading →

Chesed on Campus

חסדי עירית is an organization that is named after Irit Droviner. Irit was a physical education student in the Givat Washington college. At the end of her first year, Irit was killed in a car accident. Her college friend decided to start an organization in order to help families in need, just as she always... Continue Reading →

My First Shiva Call

Hannah Kaplun, Ridgewood, New Jersey   Today, I paid my first shiva call for someone I’d never met before: a seemingly strange thing, until you think about our common factor. We have the most important thing in common, the one thing that bands together millions of people, and has for thousands of years: we are both... Continue Reading →

Chanukah Light

Claire Segal, Bucks County, Pennsylvania   Today, I realized something. This is the only time, possibly in my entire life (unless I decide to make aliya), that I will be experiencing each holiday in its entirety. This is the only time (and the only place in the world) where, no matter where I go, everyone is... Continue Reading →

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