Machon Maayan Talent Showcase

Here at Machon Maayan, students have the opportunity to be a part of the music, art, and/or photography tracks. In the music tracks, there are two classes offered: music theory and singing/songwriting. In singing/songwriting, students write songs, focusing on lyrics and learn about different chord progressions and other ways to make their music more interesting.... Continue Reading →

Tamir Goodman at Machon Maayan!

Machon Maayan had the pleasure of hearing Tamir Goodman speak. Tamir spoke to us about his story and how he was able to be a strong, religious Jew while playing Division I college basketball. He taught us many valuable lessons about trusting G-d and seeing Him everywhere, as well as perseverance and to always be... Continue Reading →

Thank you Kfar Noar Hodayot: Cami Apt

We wanted to write this letter because we couldn’t help but to express our gratitude towards all of you for everything you did for us! Receiving us, giving us a place to stay and giving us food is such a tremendous chessed. You had no obligation and you did not even know us! Thank you... Continue Reading →

Senior Center

What do you do at your internship? I sing to the elderly at the local old age in Kibbutz Yavne. We sing a mix of your typical kumzitz songs (Like Tov Lehodot or Kol Haolam Kulo) along with a bunch of Israeli classics (Halleluyah, Yachad Lev El Lev.) -Yvette Teitelbaum Do you have any stories?... Continue Reading →

Art Chug

Why did you decide to do this internship? I chose to do this because I have always loved art my whole life and it gives me a chance to get to do it and to do it with kids. Art is a great way for kids to bring out their creativity and I am very... Continue Reading →

Parshat Pekudei: Tamar Dallal

Shabbat shalom, everyone! Now, I know a dvar torah doesn't HAVE to connect to the parsha, but it's happening. This week's parsha, if you didn't already know, is Parshat Pekudei, the final parsha in sefer Shmot. The sefer concludes with this account of the mishkan and its other miscellaneous fastenings. Now, although we are in... Continue Reading →

Visible Angels

Rebecca Couzens, Yardley, Pennsylvania   Visible Angels There is a light that is emulated from this space From the souls of those who seem beyond the human race A role model is a word that seems too finite for these beings The only word worthy is “Angels” and will guide you to believing A lesson... Continue Reading →

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