Humans of Machon Maayan: Maddie Hamada

Maddie Hamada West Hempstead, New York Hebrew Academy of Nassau County Machon Maayan 2016-2017   Why did you choose to attend Machon Maayan? I chose MM because I wanted to go somewhere that didn’t feel “cookie cutter” to me. I loved the fact that there were girls from all around the world coming from all... Continue Reading →

Humans of Machon Maayan: Elianna Mikulik

Elianna Mikulik Buffalo, New York Williamsville North High School Machon Maayan 2015-2017   Why did you choose to attend Machon Maayan? I knew I wanted to go to Machon Maayan when I was a sophomore in high school, thanks to NCSY. After attending public high school, I thought Machon Maayan would have been the best... Continue Reading →

Songwriting Class Concert

Because we are on Givat Washington, girls have the amazing opportunity to attend Mizmor, a music school on campus. One of the classes offered is singing/songwriting. This past Monday, the girls in the class performed for the school! It was amazing concert and we are so proud of these girls. Kol HaKavod to Orly Krupp,... Continue Reading →

Chesed on Campus

חסדי עירית is an organization that is named after Irit Droviner. Irit was a physical education student in the Givat Washington college. At the end of her first year, Irit was killed in a car accident. Her college friend decided to start an organization in order to help families in need, just as she always... Continue Reading →

Parshat Yitro: Yvette Teitelbaum

Yvette Teitelbaum, Highland Park, New Jersey   Last night, I had the privilege of sitting in for a few classes at Midreshet Moriah, a seminary in Yerushalayim. I felt that it was important that I share some of their lovely Torah ideas with the seminary that I truly call my “home away from home,” Machon... Continue Reading →

Parshat Yitro: Claire Segal

Claire Segal, Bucks County, Pennsylvania   It's Matan Torah (the giving of the Torah)--it's a new beginning, folks! Are you ready to take the entire Torah upon yourselves? It's a new start! Okay, no. That was thousands of years ago. However, it is the beginning of a new semester. And, in this new semester, many... Continue Reading →

Visible Angels

Rebecca Couzens, Yardley, Pennsylvania   Visible Angels There is a light that is emulated from this space From the souls of those who seem beyond the human race A role model is a word that seems too finite for these beings The only word worthy is “Angels” and will guide you to believing A lesson... Continue Reading →

Humans of Machon Maayan: Dafna Gutman

Dafna Gutman Maaleh Adummin, Israel Chicagoland Jewish High School Machon Maayan 2008-2009   Why did you choose to attend Machon Maayan? I chose to attend Machon Maayan because I saw no other option. I switched into Machon Maayan from Young Judea’s Israel program, Shalem, after only a month. I wasn’t happy on Shalem and I... Continue Reading →

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